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Five Money Lessons I Wish I had Learned in High School

A person thinking about the money lessons they wish they had learned in high school.

April is Financial Literacy Month!  Last week I watched a video that Budget Girl posted on YouTube called  5 Things I Wished I had Learned in High School.  I loved the concept, so I wrote a similar post here sharing the money lessons I wish I had learned in high school. 1. How to budget your money for what matters most to you My high school had an accounting course I could have taken.  But, I didn’t because I thought it looked boring.  Which is funny because I ended up majoring in accounting in college.  Even though I graduated with an accounting

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Our Monthly Budget Categories

Budgeting doesn’t have to be complicated.  Chances are, if you are overcomplicating your monthly budget, then you won’t stick with it.  By the way, you don’t have to have thirty categories to successfully track your expenses each month.  It’s easy to create and follow a simple budget, which will help keep you on track each month. If you want to have a budget that works for you, feel free to adjust it over time.  I recently simplified the budget categories in our YNAB budget.  I am always interested in learning what categories other people have in their family’s budget.  So, I

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Get Started with Cloth Diapers

For the past two years, we have cloth diapered our daughter.  Thanks to cloth diapering, we’ve saved a ton of money and I’ve learned a lot in the process.  I know that there are many reasons someone might decide to use cloth diapers on their baby (or babies), but I imagine that saving money would be at the top of their list.  It is a super frugal thing to do and worth looking into if you are expecting a baby or planning on having another one down the road. Deciding what to buy and how to get started with cloth

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