About Me

Budget Peace is a blog about personal finance, frugality, simple living, and mindfulness.

I am here to help you take control of your financial life and create a plan for your money.  I’m going to encourage you to spend your money on what you value most and teach you how to save for your biggest goals.

My name is Brittany.  I live in my hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas with my husband and our two kids.  I work as an accountant, read lots of books, and grow a backyard vegetable garden.  My husband and I are in our early thirties.  Our son is eight and our daughter is two.

I started Budget Peace in January 2017 as my place to write about personal finances.  In 2016, our family slammed our credit card debt, paying off over $10,800 in 12 months.  As a result, we are free from credit card debt and it feels amazing.

Sounds great, but where to do I begin around here?

If you want to get serious about getting rid of your credit card debt then I can help.  I can show you what we did to get ours all paid off in one year.

Maybe managing your money has gotten too complicated.  Remove some of the stress from your life by simplifying to just one bank account.  Or, create a bill-paying system that makes the hassle of paying bills easier for yourself each month.

Simple = way better, don’t you think?

You’re also welcome to check out the Archives and look at all of my posts.

Most of all, I hope this site will be helpful and encouraging to you.  I know how motivating and inspiring other people’s personal finance stories are.  So, I hope you’ll join me here.

Together we can accomplish a lot and create a safe space to talk about money.

By the way, if you are wondering why I chose the name Budget Peace for my blog,  you can check out my story about that here.